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Sam Rogers

Lead Artist

I’m Sam Rogers and I’m a 3D environment artist, graphic designer, and the founder of Barbaric Softworks. I create the 3D environment art for Barbaric Softworks’ games and the graphic design work to promote them.  One such piece of art is the design of this website, including the enormous logo looming over this text. Scroll down for more art!





ZBrush skull creature

Skull Creature

Here is an example of parallax mapping from Blocks of Explosive Dismemberment in Unity.  Watch a video and find out more about the game I’m designing and creating art for here.

Blocks of Explosive Dismemberment bones

This is a game called Mallet Kombat, and it was designed and created over the course of a little over three months as part of a Major Qualifying Project working with Tencent Boston (now Stomp Games).  I designed the game and did all the modeling and animation.  The project was ranked among the top five MQPs in the major.  The programming was done by Elliot Brodzki and the GUI was created by Ashley McGuane.

Mallet Kombat

Stone Mjölnir with bronze one-eyed Odin


House environment


Graphic Design

Barbaric Logo

Blocks of Explosive Dismemberment

Blocks Teaser

This is an album cover I created for the Viking-themed death metal band Weregild.  The design is in the style of a traditional runestone carving.  As payment for my design, the band recoded the theme song for Blocks of Explosive Dismemberment.  Their logo was designed by someone else.

Weregild Cover

This is a promotional poster for Dreamworld Saga that was distributed at Pax East and Anime Boston 2012.  The design was based on a napkin sketch by Nathan Nill and the logo was a collaboration between myself and Joi Garron.

Dreamworld Poster


Witch queen concept

Witch Queen

Bargue and figure drawings